Safety Disclaimer

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Our Toys contain small parts. Not for children under 5 years.

Millions of toys to amuse children of all ages are sold each year. Unfortunately, toys also are associated with injuries each year, some of which result in death. Children ages 5 and under are especially at risk for injury from toys. Injuries can range from falling, choking, strangulation, burning, drowning, and even poisoning. However, the leading cause of toy-related death is choking, usually on small parts. Our toys contain small parts and are a choking hazard for children under the age of 5. This product should not be used by children under age 5. Injury often results when a toy is misused or used by children who are too young for that particular toy. An example is a toy with small parts, designed for older children, which can cause choking when those small parts are ingested by a curious toddler. Knowing what dangers are associated with certain toys and age groups can help you better protect your child from toy injuries.

When selecting toys for your child, consider the following recommendations:

  • Choose toys that are age-appropriate and meet your child's skill level and interest by reading the toy's labeling. Make sure toys are used in safe environments, such as keeping a riding toy away from stairs.

  • Supervise and be involved in your child's play.

  • Store toys intended for older children separately from toys used by younger children. Use a small parts tester to determine which small toys or parts are a choking hazard to children under age 5. A small parts tester allows for small objects to be inserted - if the object fits, it is a choking hazard.

  • Check toys regularly for damage and other hazards. Supervising your child's play, in addition to following the recommendations made by toy manufacturers, could save lives.'s toys should not be used, played with, or handled without adult supervision and are a hazard for children under age 5. assumes no responsibility for the misuse of our toy products. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website, and its agents are not responsible for any errors or omissions. 

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