3d printing is environmentally friendly!

There are many good aspects of 3d printing, environmentally friendliness is a big portion of it! Below we will list some of the reasons why 3d printing is a good move for the environment.

Limited waste

A lot of waste happens as a result of traditional manufacturing. There is excess product, more mistakes or “misprints” that cannot be handled, and usually end up in a landfill. Fortunately for us, 3d printing is not only good for the environment, but because we are printing very specific things, with a super smart and dialed in machine the amount of mistakes is limited as well. We create objects with limited trimmings, or excess that ends up getting discarded. This is possible because for the majority of print shops out there, they are low-volume.

Green energy

3d printers run off of electricity. Electricity these days can be subsidized with renewable resources, such as solar. There is also a smaller footprint. A 3d printer is not very large, and depending on the objects you are printing, can generally be inside of your home or office. This limits the amount of transportation needed to get the product from conception to execution.

Materials used

Many of the materials available for use (filament) can be environmentally friendly. Gamer Gadgetry uses materials that are fully recyclable and can be broken down and composted. Even some of the parts we use on our machines are printed, which result in a full loop of efficiency and sustainability.

This is all possible because the volume that we produce is considered low volume compared to the giant manufacturing plants. We are able to pivot, and create one off products. This is where 3d printing really excels. Shop now!

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