The Colorful World of Custom 3D Printed Toys!

3d Printing is unique in the way of having many customizations available to the creator. Technically speaking, there are unlimited possibilities! One aspect of making your product or creation unique is choosing the color!

3d printing uses filament which is heated up and then injected onto the canvas with a nozzle. This filament is available in many different colors and materials. There are colors with sparkles integrated, and the different materials can also change the final look and feel of the product.

Some online merchants list having as many as 200 different colors to choose from. With this much selection, you are destined to find a color that would match your creations' needs - and we haven’t even gotten to multi-colored printing yet! That is a topic for our next blog post, however.

See a product on our store that doesn’t have a color you have in mind? Contact us and we will reach out to you and see if we can make something work!
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