About Gamer Gadgetry

Gamer Gadgetry started in early 2019 as a hobby. Having a background in operating CNC equipment, 3D printing proved to be a very rewarding hobby.  as a way to further explore my passion for 3D printing, I noticed that the versatility of the printers and materials available allowed for creative and unique creations. It started as helping friends and family with tools, toys, and other prints. This eventually led to me working with a designer and beginning to print Gamer Gadgetry’s first official product line Curious Critters. I found great success at the local farmers market, kids fell in love with the tactile toys as soon as they touched them and parents were intrigued and wanted to know more. This was short lived as COVID hit quickly after and I no longer had an avenue to sell my products.

That’s why I turned to creating an e-commerce store as this would allow me to continue the growth of my business and products while still offering renewable, eco-friendly, and exciting products to consumers. In order to accomplish this I added some more members to the team and started working on a vision of what this would look like. That vision is what you now see on our site and within our products. We plan to continue to grow our site and product offerings while creating a community that is engaged and an active part in shaping our business. 
We want to be on the forefront of the 3D printing industry as it continues to expand and grow. Offering unique, well thought, and dynamic creations while supporting local communities and businesses. Any product you order will be printed locally in Canada and shipped to you with care, find what you love by browsing our catalogues on our site.

Thanks again for stopping by Gamer Gadgetry.

- Jesse and the Gamer Gadgetry team