Product Information

What kind of plastic do you use?

All of our products are currently made with a plant-based plastic called PLA (polylactic acid) which is made from fermented plant starch of corn, sugarcane, beet pulp and others.


Is PLA plastic environmentally friendly?

Yes. The production of PLA plastic (birth) produces significantly less greenhouse gas emissions  in comparison to petro-based plastics; however, we still face challenges with lagging municipalities being able to manage these plastics the correct way at end-of-life or rebirth. To combat these challenges, we have launched our own bring-it-back program to ensure that PLA plastics are being recycled the correct way. We also offer fully recycled product options, and we have a long roadmap with big recycling and composting goals over the next two years.

Do your products contain any toxins?

No. PLA itself is a non-toxic plastic and the filament we use (which is colored) is RoHS compliant. Unlike petro-based plastics, PLA is biodegradable under the right conditions and can be composted without producing any toxic material. We also go a step further during our production process by using an all metal (stainless & titanium) extrusion system to ensure no external toxins are added to our products.

Are your products FoodSafe Certified?

No. The PLA plastic we use in manufacturing is safe for food contact; however, 3D printed products cannot currently be certified as food safe due to the risk of bacteria buildup between the micro layers over time. 

What is your commitment to a greener world?

We offer fully recycled product options. We are also building a long term roadmap with big recycling and composting goals over the next two years.