3(d) reasons why printing is so popular!

3d printing has risen in popularity in the past few years, and there are a few reasons why. This blog post will tell you 3 reasons why. Read on!

Traditional manufacturing is large scale

  • 3d printing differs from traditional manufacturing because of the amount of effort it takes for the older systems to work. You would need to ensure that whatever you were going to create was reproducible. Due to the margins you would need to create, selling wholesale would be a good avenue. Wholesale means creating many, thousands of your product. It was important that this could be done fast and efficient. The downside is that it is very expensive, and limits the amount of one-offs you can create. The giant plants are also not always environmentally friendly due to the size and efforts to keep costs low.

Customizations are possible

  • As we mentioned before, traditional manufacturing requires the product to be the same. If it is the same, factories can produce as many as they want, in a very quick fashion by tailoring their machines to produce exactly what they want every time. 3d printing is different. It does not target the same market because of this. Most printing companies will be small to mid market, and the reasons are basically the opposite of the manufacturing ones:
  • One offs are possible, so you can create a unique experience for your customers if you wish.
  • You do not require a large area, which makes wholesale difficult but not impossible. You can scale your shop as your company grows.
  • They are not locked into one product they have to make 1000s of times. You can print only exactly what you want and what your customers want.

Recent technological advances have made 3d printing affordable for everyone

  • The first ever 3d printer was created in 1983. That is a long time ago, and as you might expect, the price and size of these machines at the time was extraordinary. Thanks to recent developments in technology, you can get a printer delivered tomorrow for under 150 USD. This has propelled the popularity of the printing industry massively, as now the creative designs and solutions being made are available to everyone.

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