Introducing the Critters!

Our ‘Critters’ lineup consists of many fun, articulated, animal based toys. They are great for playtime, and are a nice addition to many environments. They are fully waterproof and move in a satisfying way. They make for a great addition to any fidget-er’s office space, or desktop!

The idea originally came from wanting to provide close family and friends with a fun little gift. We found a creator online, and formed an initial partnership. The printing began, and they took off locally. Many kids love playing with them, and due to their uniqueness are a special toy to have.

They are printed with an articulated design, which allows the individual components to move separately. They cannot be taken apart, or put together, as they are printed from the ground up. We have many new Critters in development, and cannot wait to share them with our valued customers.

All of our products use high quality materials, and are environmentally friendly. Whether you are purchasing your first critter, or adding to your critter collection, Gamer Gadgetry has your back. Shop now!
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