The Benefits of Sensory Toys & Sensory Play for Children

There are countless benefits of sensory toys and sensory play for toddlers and children. In a world of screens and overwhelming noises, videos, and games, it’s crucial to find ways for your child to play that will stimulate their senses and allow them to grow.

What is Sensory Play for Children?

Sensory play is an umbrella term for a lot of different toys, activities, and exercises that stimulate your child’s five senses. It engages their brain and allows them to start building skills that will come in handy as they get older, including motor functions, balance, creativity, and spatial awareness. (Discover how fidget toys aid with ADHD 

Activities that engage children’s senses help them to be curious about the world, and less fearful of any overwhelming sensory information around them. Sensory play encourages interaction and social skills by fostering this curiosity. Kids can start to ignore any loud noises or lights around them and choose to focus on playing with toys or other children instead.

How Sensory Toys Help

Sensory toys for toddlers can help with specific issues a child may be having. For instance, if your toddler is uncomfortable with certain textures, and this prohibits them from engaging with certain things. They may refuse specific food and clothing due to the texture. But routinely engaging with sensory toys that focus on textures can help them to overcome this.

Motor skills can also be improved upon with sensory play for all ages. Learning to solve puzzles, assemble toys, move parts around, mixing and building things all contribute to motor skills. In addition to teaching your child how to engage their brain and their senses, this type of play can also create a sense of calm for them.

You can use weighted blankets, hugs, and activities that encourage mindfulness. When the world is overwhelming and there is too much sensory info around a child, they may need something calming and simple to focus on (see our fidget spinners for kids). This will also help them to self-soothe later in life, when they’re bothered by external or even internal elements.

Sensory Toys for Different Ages

Different sensory toys work for different ages of children. For instance, very young toddlers and babies may enjoy seeing colors, touching fun textures, and hearing satisfying sounds. As they get older and more pre-school and school aged, they may enjoy building things, looking at lights and shadows, being creative with paint and drawing, or playing beginner musical instruments.

These activities allow for individual expression as well as bonding socially with other children. They can build their social skills as well as work on their language and behavior with others.

Encourage Activity with Gamer Gadgetry’s Sensory Toys in Canada

There is no specific way for your kids to engage in sensory play– every child is unique, and different activities will encourage different kinds of development. Try using several sensory toys and simple exercises that will engage their brain and, above all, allow them to have fun. While it may be tempting to rely on children’s television to teach them about sight, sound, and more, sometimes the most effective way is through tangible, physical play. Gamer Gadgetry is proud to encourage your child’s development through one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly sensory toys.

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