What even is 3d printing anyway??

3d printing is the act of superheating a material (called filament), and constructing a 3d object from the ground up. There are many steps involved in the creation and development of our products.

The journey starts at the innovation stage. We think about what a good product to bring on board would be. What problem might it solve for the consumer? What fits with our current line up? We only print what we think will provide a great end result for our customers.

Next we would find a design or a designer. There are many online designers in the creation space of the 3d printing world. On a few of our product pages you will notice an attribution tab. This tab has the information of the designer of the product!

Once we have the design it's up to us to actually build or print the product. Our computers will send code that contains the instructions for printing to our printers. From there, the printer will heat up the filament and begin printing!

Some products take a very long time to print, and others are quite fast. We only use the highest of quality materials to create our products. Our products fulfill a variety of purposes that are beneficial to other such as for sensory play for children. We believe in the planet we live on, and as such all of our materials are environmentally friendly.


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