Wholesale Ordering Instructions

We provide 2 ways of buying products for your retail store. You can select individual products for purchase, this allows you to control the specific models and colors of our products. Or, if you would rather us provide you with our popular models and popular colors, we have created 2 ‘easy-buy’ products located on the Retailer Products page.

  1. Signup for a wholesale account through our Wholesale Customer Sign-Up Form.

  2. We will review your account and once approved you will receive an email to complete your account creation.
  3. Once your account has been created you can navigate to the GamerGadgetry login page to login to your newly created account.
  4. Once logged into your account products will reflect your wholesale pricing.
  5. You can navigate to product pages to add specific products and quantities to your cart or choose products from the Retailer Products page.
  6. Once your desired re-stock products are added to your cart you can select the cart button and then click on “Place wholesale order”.
  7. Fill out the necessary fields then click on “Place order”.
  8. This will send the order to our team to review, add any applicable taxes, and reach out if any substitutions are needed. Once the order has been shipped/dropped off we will send an invoice and a checkout link to complete your purchase.
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